How can network and mentoring help you and your business?

  • Avoid the mistakes most commonly made by businesses in their early years. Learn from others’ mistakes and successes. A mentor’s role is to share with you lessons from their own experience so that you can benefit without having to learn from painful trial and error.
  • Stay focused on what is most important for your growing business. Mentors assist you in identifying what steps will have the greatest positive impact on your business, and help prioritize an action plan.
  • Mentors provide a sounding board. When you’re the sole owner of a business, often there’s no one to turn to for advice or direction. You’re on your own. Everybody needs a good reliable sounding board, a second opinion, and someone who offers positive support.
  • Expand your knowledge network. Your mentor, being an experienced businessperson, is likely to have an extensive network, and can offer you access to other senior decision-makers.

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