British Columbia 

The Métis Nation British Columbia administers the Métis Employment & Training Program (METP) to improve the employment potential, earning capacity and self-sufficiency of Métis people in British Columbia.



Rupertsland Institute (RLI)  is signatory to a 4.5 year ASETS agreement (Aboriginal Skills, Employment, and Training Strategy) with the federal government. The RLI ASETS agreement is one of the largest in the country in terms of scope and funding, extending throughout the whole province of Alberta.

  • Métis Employment Services offers a comprehensive range of services to the Métis Community including intake to MTE programs and assistance through the application process for financial support. Other services include:Looking for a job? Employers advertise job openings at our MES centres. We can help you to apply for these jobs and provide assistance with resume writing, interview tips, and helping you sell your hidden, marketable talents. Employment tools (computers with internet access, job postings and resources) are waiting for you.Our Employment Counsellors help you think systematically about your future and the education that is necessary to achieve an occupational goal.

    MES staff build relationships with agencies and institutions in the community to support the needs of our clients. We can help you develop a network of supports and find out about the agencies that are waiting to help you succeed.

    You can access a wealth of information on training offered at educational institutions, view information about occupations, or take home a pamphlet full of job hunting or career tips.

  •  Mobile MTES  brings services to Métis in remote areas of the province.


Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment was established in 2006 to assist Saskatchewan’s Métis looking to improve their educational and employment outcomes.

Funding for GDI Training and Employment programs is provided through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy.

In 2010, GDI signed the new ASETS for a five-year term, and continues to empower the Métis people of Saskatchewan by improving their educational and employment futures.

ASETS focuses on three main priorities:

  • Support for demand-driven skills development;
  • Fostering partnerships with the private sector and the provinces and territories; and
  • Placing emphasis on accountability and results.

Under this strategy, Aboriginal agreement holders design and deliver employment-based programs and services best suited to the unique needs of their clients.

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